The Night's Plutonian Shore

Quoth the Raven:"Ch-ch-ch-changes - turn and face the strange."

United States
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK (1991 - 1997)
Sunnydale High School - Sunnydale CA (1997 - 1998)
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acting, animals, avatar the last airbender, being open-minded, belgarath, big band music, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, classic rock, comics, crafts, creepy, david bowie, dickens, doctor who, dogs, dumbledore, faith, fantasy, firefly, freedom and equality, gandalf, ghosts, giant pandas, girl genius, grammar, graphic novels, guitar, harry potter, horror, humor, jim henson, knitting, labyrinth, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, movies, muppets, music, nintendo, pets, photography, postcards, rock and roll, science fiction, shakespeare, silliness, steampunk, the classics, the dark crystal, the hobbit, the muppet show, the princess bride, the twilight zone, the white stripes, the wizard of oz, tom waits, video games, vintage, zombies
Yes, this is a barren wasteland of a journal. Don't blame it; it was just created. This journal will grow and thrive and it will be treated with love and attention and fondness by eulalia-vox. (After a period of slight neglect, oops.) It's a work in progress.

In other words, eulalia-vox's previous LJ has served her well in the past, but she's ready for a new start and a new journal. (And almost never refers to herself in the third person.)

Journal layout by: ohcodey (here).

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